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Road Logistics

To further expand our logistics,  our experienced operations department is cable of shipping liquid cargos via pipeline, rail or truck between various markets.


MarTankShip Ltd. Also acquired and Italian company through which we will have tanks at Porto Marghera Decal, Italy.

We have created in September 2020, MarTankShip Logistics where a new Limited company was setup to develop and manage a trucking business of Trucks owned by MarTankShip Ltd. Martankship is not only renting our trucks to other companies but also use them for our own activities. We have already received our first 2 trucks and 2 Tank Trailers and planning on adding trucks every quarter during 2022-3 to reach a total of 100 trucks. We Will be working with distributors located in but not limited to Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia...

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