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The Business

MarTankShip Limited (MarTankShip) is privately-owned company which was created in March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria with the aim to become an important player in the logistic and trading of oil products and derivatives.

Over the last couple of years, the company grew from a freight service provider to developing a sizeable trading book in the Med.

We have a strong network of relationships with counterparties, ship owners, mayor refineries, traders, top brokers, port agents and storage owners/providers. We proudly manage a small fleet of tankers and we also possess strategic storage facilities.



We source supply from mayor refineries and producers, we finance it, we ship it and deliver it to our customers on Cif or ITT Storage Warrant Basis. We strive to offer a tailor-made solution to our clients and suppliers.


At MarTankShip we are renowned for our, vast experienced and well respected team.


Offering a hassle free service to our customers and trading partners.


Vast Chartering experience especially in spot market, time charter market, demurrage claim handling, port agents appointment, quantity and quality assurances bunkering and much more.

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